5 Common Tree Disease and How to Fix Them
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5 Common Tree Disease and How to Fix Them

Trees are usually big and strong, but that doesn’t mean they are immune to diseases. Many people rarely think about trees in their backyards unless there’s a problem, which shouldn’t be the case. Trees require regular care and maintenance to prevent minor issues from becoming more pronounced. An infection can spread from one tree to surrounding healthy plants, affecting the quality and safety of your premises.

If you don’t schedule regular inspections, it may be time to call Southern Star Stump. We leverage extensive industry experience and knowledge to assess, detect, diagnose, and treat the illness before wreaking havoc. Here are five common tree disease treatment techniques to help you grow robust and durable trees.


Pruning entails cutting damaged, dying, or dead branches. This is the most effective method to treat diseases like fungi, as it prevents spreading to the trunk and other essential parts. Check for leaves with galls or growths, white powder on the leaves, or yellow foliage. Although the signs of infection are not limited to the ones mentioned, these are the most common. Timely pruning can help you mitigate fatal damages and subsequent stump removal costs. We recommend pruning when dealing with black knots, anthracnose, mildew, and other fungal diseases.

Chemical Treatments

Natural treatments can help cure several conditions, especially during the early stages of infection. However, more resilient or long-lasting illnesses may need chemical treatments. Chemicals are effective treatments that kill the disease and prevent a recurrence. Before you use a chemical treatment, consult a professional to ensure you choose the right product for your trees. DIYers often buy the first product on the shelf without considering the risks, resulting in further damage and costly stump removal projects.

Tree Removal

A disease affecting the root system or spreading throughout the tree can cause death. The best way to deal with a severely damaged tree is to cut it down. Many infections are spread through the root systems, so you must ensure the disease doesn’t pass to surrounding trees. When you hire us to remove a diseased or dead tree, we provide comprehensive services, including stump grinding or removal.

Loose Planting

"Prevention is better than cure." The best way to treat a tree disease is to prevent it from happening. Many infections spread in humid, shady environments without proper air circulation. To prevent this from happening, plant trees at a distance from one another to enhance airflow between them. In addition, trim trees and shrubs regularly to ensure they access plenty of sunlight. If the tree on your property is not spaced correctly, we can determine which ones to cut and conduct stump grinding to minimize yard damage.

Improve Plant Irrigation

Healthy trees can fend off infections, and good irrigation is vital to keep trees healthy. Ensure you water your trees at ground level and avoid overwatering. It is also advisable to keep overhead water sources like sprinklers away from trees. Excessive moisture creates ideal conditions for mold and mildew growth, compromising the well-being of your landscape.

Our goal at Southern Star Stump is to provide unmatched tree disease treatment solutions that keep your trees in excellent condition. Contact us today and schedule a consultation with our team of experts.