Measuring Your Stumps for Stump Grinding

If you have stumps taking up much-needed space on your lawn or property, then stump grinding or a stump removal may have crossed your mind. Residents in Atlanta and surrounding areas can call Southern Star Stump to schedule an appointment or arrange an emergency dispatch. This is a quick process, but to make things even quicker, and to get a price estimate over the phone, you will want to measure the stumps beforehand. In this short article, we will go over making correct measurements. Once you have the measurements on hand, you are welcomed to call Southern Star Stump to speak with a friendly representative.


How to Measure the Stump

The stump is not just the remainder of the trunk. So, measuring at the top of the flush cut is going to give you an underestimate. Instead, you want to measure the stump’s base, including the roots that mound around the base. After all, you want those to be ground as well, don’t you? Measure the stump base where it is the widest and note this measurement.
Once you have the horizontal measurement noted, it is time to measure the height. You want to get the measurement from the ground to the top of the stump. This measurement will also include the height of the above-ground roots.

How Deep to Grind the Stump?

The part of the stump which juts out of the ground is the main component which will be grinded, but that is not all. When you call Southern Star Stump for your price estimate, you will also need to know how deep you want the stump to be grinded. We can grind the stump down to 4 inches below ground or even down to 18 inches below ground level. If you plan to plant flowers or grass, then you will want the stump grinded as deep as possible.

Ask About A Stump Removal

Stump grinding has its benefits. It is a quick process and does not do too much damage to your yard. However, stump grinding leaves a large portion of the roots in the ground. This can interfere with your future plans for the yard. For instance, building structures on that area can be risky because the roots will decay over time and likely disrupt the foundation. The last thing you want is for your structure’s foundation to crack because of shifting soil underneath.
A stump removal causes more damage to the yard, but it gets rid of the stump and roots altogether. If you plan to use the yard for planting or building, then removing the stump might be a safer route to take.

Call Now to Get Your Free Price Estimate Today

All responsible property owners stick to a budget, and Southern Star Stump is here to help you stay on track. Once you have noted the measurements of your stump, call Southern Star Stump to get your free price estimate for a stump grinding or stump removal before scheduling a flexible appointment. We are ready when you are.