Are There Dangers in Cutting Tree Roots?
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Are There Dangers in Cutting Tree Roots?

A tree’s root system is the lifeblood that keeps it alive and well anchored to the ground. The roots of a tree absorb and transport nutrients from the soil to other parts of the tree and give the tree a stable foundation.

However, there are situations wherein you'll want to get rid of tree roots. Perhaps the roots are threatening the foundation of your home, or they've spread onto your walkaways, thereby becoming a tripping hazard. Or maybe the roots are growing into your piping, and you need to dig them out before they cause a plumbing disaster.

Whatever your reason for cutting tree roots, you want to do it safely and in a way that you won’t harm the tree.

Tree root removal can be tricky because an improper cut can kill your tree or make it less structurally stable. Furthermore, tree root removal is potentially dangerous for someone who’s not experienced in tree root removal.

Let’s look at the risks that come with cutting your tree’s roots.

  • Instability

As we've already mentioned, tree roots form a structural system which supports the tree. If you improperly cut the roots that provide support and anchorage for the tree, you may interfere with its overall structure and integrity.

A tree with a compromised root system can become a serious safety hazard on your property as it is more likely to topple in a storm. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to hire someone who knows what they’re doing to help you with tree root removal.

You don’t want to take chances with the structural integrity of your trees by going the DIY route when it comes to cutting tree roots.     

  • Disease and pest infestation

Improper cutting of tree roots could expose your trees to a wide range of pests and diseases, including fungal infections.

  • Reduced Vigor

Since tree roots absorb and transport water and nutrients from the soil to other parts of a tree, improperly cutting the roots can impair their ability to perform this crucial function. This can lead to a loss of vigor, stunted growth, and even death in extreme cases.

Can I Cut Tree Roots Myself?

As a DIY enthusiast, you may choose to cut intruding tree roots by yourself, but it's never advisable unless you are a root removal expert. There are many things that could go wrong with a DIY approach.

You could cut the roots the wrong way and end up killing your tree or injure yourself in the process. It’s always advisable to work with a dependable tree root removal company when it comes to cutting tree roots.

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