Can You Remove Trees and Stumps During Winter?
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Can You Remove Trees and Stumps During Winter?

Fall is finally over, meaning winter is around the corner. After months of enjoying amazing weather and blooming trees, it is time to take tree care more seriously before the cold gets into high gear. Most trees enter dormancy in the winter, protecting them from damage, infestations, and infections. However, what happens if you have a tree or stump removal lined up? Is winter a good time for such projects?

These are common questions homeowners ask, and Southern Star Stump can help you make an informed decision. As mentioned, most trees go into dormancy in winter, which makes it the ideal time to address tree-related concerns. Although most households spend most of the cold season indoors, it doesn’t mean your landscape should be overlooked. Leverage our extensive industry expertise and knowledge to keep your backyard healthier and safer.

Winter Tree and Stump Removal 

When the temperatures plummet to low levels, it is common to ensure your living spaces are comfortable. Few people think about tree care and maintenance, even if you have an outdoor activity. While you may not have the tools or skills needed for a safe tree or stump removal project in the winter, you can rely on Southern Star Stump to handle the heavy lifting.

Spending time outside in the cold is not ideal, but we recommend making an exception in maintaining your landscape. Besides regular care, we provide emergency stump or tree removal in the winter, whether due to storm damage or delayed maintenance. If you don’t want yard damage from excavation, stump grinding is an effective and less destructive alternative. Our arborists use a grinding saw to shred the stump several inches below the ground where it can’t pose safety risks of affecting curb appeal.

Should I Remove a Tree or Stump in the Winter?

Although winter might not have the best conditions for outdoor activities, it is the most sensible option for tree and stump removal. When trees go into dormancy, removal is more straightforward than at other times of the year. DIY tree and stump removal projects are not recommended, especially in winter, when the conditions are not suitable. Even with the proper tools, working in the middle of a major snowfall can cause injuries and property damage.

You can avoid such issues by hiring experts from Southern Star Stump. We can provide tree services throughout the cold season, ensuring everything is handled professionally while you rest comfortably indoors. We will ensure your premises are clean before leaving, so you can look forward to landscaping projects in the spring.

Call us if you need an emergency tree or stump removal. Our highly trained team of arborists is equipped and certified to guarantee exceptional services, giving you peace of mind knowing you are in safe hands. Contact us at Southern Star Stump and schedule an appointment with our representative. We offer a wide range of services, from tree care and maintenance to stump grinding and removal, at pocket-friendly rates.