Dangers of Trees Growing Near Power Lines
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Dangers of Trees Growing Near Power Lines

Do you have a tree that is growing close to an electrical line? While this may not seem like that big of a deal initially, it's essential to know the risks that such a scenario poses to homeowners and businesses. The professionals at Southern Star Stump provide quality tree services to local property owners, and we want to help you take care of the safety and beauty of your property as well. In addition to our stump grinding and stump removal services, we can also help you better manage your tree's growth for the safety and security of yourself and those living nearby.


A tree that touches a power line can cause pest control problems. For birds, squirrels, and other creatures, a power line is like a highway. Since the tree itself can be a source of food and shelter for pests, its accessibility can attract wildlife and encourage them to make a home in your yard. Once they've made a cozy nest in the tree, their population can increase and can lead to more pest issues inside your house. While tree trimming and pruning can help, some trees may need to be removed entirely to prevent the problem from recurring.

Electrical Fires

Trees are a vital part of the ecosystem, providing shade, homes for animals, and oxygen for us to breathe. However, if they grow too close to power lines, they can become a fire hazard. The weight of the branches can cause the lines to sag or even break, and the leaves can conduct electricity, causing a spark that can ignite nearby brush. In addition, trees that are close to power lines are more likely to be struck by lightning, which is another leading cause of power line fires. As a result, it's important to ensure that trees are properly trimmed and maintained so they don't pose a risk.


When a tree grows too close to power lines, it can create a severe safety hazard. The tree may come into contact with the lines, causing a short circuit that could lead to electrocution. In addition, the tree may provide a pathway for electricity to reach the ground, putting anyone who comes into contact with the tree at risk of being electrocuted. Keeping your limbs and branches properly trimmed can help save a life.

How Can a Tree Care Professional Help?

A tree care expert can help you avoid these kinds of problems in several ways. For minor issues, they can prune branches and cut down limbs growing near power lines. However, the tree will continue to grow, requiring that you manage the crown seasonally to avoid future risks. In some situations, the best option might be to remove the tree. If so, our professionals offer emergency tree removal, stump grinding, and stump removal services.

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