Do I Need Permission to Remove My Own Tree?
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Do I Need Permission to Remove My Own Tree?

Healthy trees play a vital role in the ecosystem and enhance the aesthetics of any landscape. However, when a tree in your yard is infected, infested, damaged, or just in the way, the best solution is usually to remove it. Southern Star Stump is a professional stump removal service that can help determine if tree removal is the best option and how to go about the process without legal infringements.

Even if a tree is on your property, you need to consider whether legal permission is required to avoid costly fines. Technically, you may not get rid of a tree, even if it is in your garden. You need to seek permission from the local council to determine if a permit is required. A stump removal company can help you navigate the process successfully by providing pertinent information to determine if you need to get permission and how to go about it.

You Won’t Need Permission in These Cases

There are some cases where you should be allowed to remove a tree without seeking permission, but it is always essential to research your area’s local tree protection laws. Dead trees are a safety hazard and should be removed immediately. Since dead trees are standing because of the roots, they can easily fall on nearby structures, causing significant damage. If this is the case, you can opt for tree removal or stump grinding with no permit.

Another reason a permit is unnecessary is when the tree is not wide or tall. In addition, if the tree doesn’t have many branches, you can cut it down without acquiring a permit. However, the local laws determine the height and diameter you may cut.

A tree that might harm you, your loved ones, property, or surrounding structures may be removed without a permit. These include wobbly trees, roots close to your house, branches constantly falling, and diseased.

Why do You Need a Permit?

While seeking a permit to cut down a tree on your property may seem confusing, the decision is not entirely yours. Trees are part of the ecosystem and impact the surrounding environment. Regardless of your reason for hiring a stump grinding service, the tree still serves a purpose for other wildlife like animals, plants, and insects.

It would help if you took special precautions before removing a tree, hence the need to hire a professional tree care company. We have extensive industry experience and knowledge to assist you with permit acquisition and safe stump removal. When you are cleared to proceed, we can help determine if stump grinding or removal is the best option.

Leverage our standard industry tools and equipment to enjoy efficient and safe tree services conducted with the utmost professionalism. Contact us at Southern Star Stump and schedule a consultation with our representatives. We guarantee exceptional tree care and maintenance at competitive market rates.