Dos and Don’ts of Tree Care
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Dos and Don’ts of Tree Care

Tree care is more than just proper irrigation and regular trimming. Although it is tempting to tackle various projects by yourself, with the experience and expertise needed, you can maintain the beauty and health of your trees. At Southern Star Stump, we believe information is vital to maintaining sturdy trees.

The Dos of Tree Care

Like most living things, proper care is crucial to avoid infections, infestations, or damages, which leads to tree death and the subsequent stump removal. Here are the dos of tree care to help you avoid the risks associated with DIY projects.

Prune Your Trees

Pruning is crucial to get rid of damaged, diseased, or dead branches before wreaking havoc. Besides eliminating severely damaged limbs, pruning keeps overgrown branches from encroaching on a nearby property or rubbing against other trees and utility lines. Call a professional tree care company for maintenance if you notice any of these signs. We recommend pruning in the winter when the trees are dormant, preventing unwanted growth or stress, which usually leads to severe deterioration and stump removal.

Look for Pests and Diseases

Trees are home to many living things, but some creatures cause devastating damage if left unchecked. Some of the common tree pests include the Gypsy Moth, Emerald Ash Borer, and Asian Long-horned Beetle. These nasty critters affect the greenery in your backyard, and detecting telltale signs of damage goes a long way in addressing the problem before it becomes more pronounced. The earlier you spot signs of disease or pests, the greater the chances of salvaging the tree.

Prevent Trees from getting Close to Utility Lines

Where you plant your trees not only determines functionality, but the safety of your premises. Trees growing near power lines can cause severe damage during the next big storm, resulting in power loss or fire hazards. The last thing you want is to hire a stump grinding service to get rid of a tree after causing damage to your home or nearby properties. If a tree is growing close to power lines, call the utility company and a reputable tree service to rectify the issue safely.

Call a Professional

Work with a professional tree care company to solve simple and complex issues. Whether you suspect an infection or want a sick tree removed, you can rely on our experts to help. We also provide pertinent information, allowing you to care for your trees better. Schedule a consultation with a tree service to enjoy peace of mind and quality services.

The Don’ts of Tree Care

If you opt to handle tree care by yourself, avoid over-trimming. Constantly removing limbs and branches reduces the lifespan of some trees, and you may stare at an unplanned stump removal project. The best pruning time is winter because the trees are dormant, reducing the damage and stress on your trees. Homeowners should only clean up after a storm or remove large trees with the tools and skills needed.

Now that you know the dos and don’ts of tree care, contact us at Southern Tree Stump to learn more about maintaining healthy trees. We offer a wide range of services, from planting to stump grinding or removal, at competitive rates.