Fallen Trees: Whose Responsibility?
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Fallen Trees: Whose Responsibility?

Trees offer a wide range of benefits to your landscape and the environment. Like other living things, they require regular care and maintenance to ensure they are in tip-top health throughout their lifespan. However, minor signs of deterioration often go undetected until it’s too late, and the damage is done. Southern Star Stump is a professional stump removal service ready to help you avoid potential injuries and property damage usually caused by fallen branches or trees.

While it is difficult to predict such emergencies, knowing who is responsible if a tree falls and injures someone or damages property is essential. Do you or your neighbor need to have a fallen tree removed? This is a crucial factor to consider before hiring a stump removal company. Here are a few things to help determine who will cover the cost of damage.

Why Did the Tree Fall?

Many causes of a tree falling, from natural disasters to human negligence, can be avoided with proper care. Natural disasters are simply out of control and include various environmental phenomena, such as hurricanes, storms, strong winds, or any unavoidable natural event. Insurance providers often help cover the cost of natural disasters and stump grinding or removal.

Human negligence refers to instances where a tree doesn’t get the care it deserves, like routine pruning, dealing with pest infestation, and trimming. In such cases, it is advisable to work with a professional to help determine where the tree has fallen and who is responsible.

Whose Tree is It?

It can take time to determine who is responsible if you are near your neighbors or have several trees in the surrounding landscape. A fallen tree is your responsibility if the trunk grows within the boundary lines of your home, regardless of how much the tree is on your neighbor’s property.

However, if the trunk is rooted within the boundaries of your neighbor’s property, it is their responsibility. In rare scenarios where the fallen tree’s trunk grows directly on the property line or acts as a "boundary tree," you and your neighbor will share the responsibility of stump grinding.

Will Homeowners Insurance Cover Fallen Trees?

Even with homeowners’ insurance, many factors will determine if you qualify for coverage. Most insurance companies will cover the damages and removal if the tree falls because of natural causes. If the tree is at the borderline of two properties, your homeowners’ insurance will cover 50%, and your neighbor’s insurance will cover the remaining cost.

Unfortunately, you don’t qualify for homeowners’ insurance coverage if the tree falls because of negligence or improper care. You will front the cost of removal, cleanup, and repairs. As a professional tree service, we assess the damage and work with the insurance company to ease the financial burden.

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