How Does Stump Grinding Work?
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How Does Stump Grinding Work?

There are numerous benefits to having a tree in your backyard, from aesthetics to environmental factors. However, when the tree is cut down for various reasons, the stump left behind does not offer the same advantages as the actual tree. Most people with the appropriate tools tend to take up the task of removing the stump themselves, which sounds like a good idea, but it only ends up taking a lot of time and energy. Although there are several stump removal solutions, the experts at Southern Star Stump, on the other hand, recommend stump grinding due to its efficiency.

We provide fast and efficient stump grinding services using modern industry equipment, saving you time and energy. Stump grinding turns the tree stump into fresh mulch, which has a range of uses and benefits. There is a range of stump grinders that vary in size and the type of fuel used to run them. However, this does not alter the stump grinding process, which includes:

Inspecting the Area

Our team of professionals begins by inspecting the stump and the surrounding area to ensure that they are safe to work. This involves assessing if there’s a solid footing for the operator and the stump grinder and also if there are any safety hazards around the work area. Everything around the stump is noted down from the presence of rocks, twigs, and debris that must be cleared before stump grinding commences.

Safety First

Unlike other stump removal methods, stump grinding can be extremely dangerous, and it is crucial to ensure that safety is prioritized. Our team ensures that the proper gear is worn from gloves, goggles, sturdy work boots, and chainsaw safety pants. It is also important to clear everything noted during inspection and involve trimming plants around the stump for enhanced visibility.

Shovel to Remove Rocks and Plants Around the Base of the Stump

We usually recommend removing sticks and rocks around the stump base using a shovel to avoid dulling the wheel teeth on the grinder, causing damage to the machine, or spiraling out of control and damaging hurting the operator. Once this is done, the chainsaw is used to trim the stump to near the ground and speed up the stump grinding process. This ultimately reduces the work for the operator, making the job easier.

Stump Grinding

Once it is time to use the stump grinder, our stump removal expert will raise the grinder wheel a few inches above the edge of the stump and lower the wheel blade to start grinding the stump. To cut into the wood, the operator will move the wheel cutter back and forth, side to side, before repositioning the wheel to grind through the next section of the stump. The stump grinder is used until the stump is not less than four inches beneath the ground. Once this is done, it is time to clean up, which is done by our experts.

Southern Star Stump has a well-trained, experienced, and equipped team to deliver quality stump grinding services without compromising safety and efficiency. So contact us today and enjoy a stump-free backyard.