How to Keep Trees Healthy This Autumn
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How to Keep Trees Healthy This Autumn

After a long summer, we are almost saying goodbye to warm temperatures and getting ready for the cool weather in the fall. Trees usually show seasonal change by turning leaf color from green to rich, glittering gold, rusts, ruby red and everything in between. While autumn is a sign that winter is fast approaching, it is also a time for you to provide your landscape with the care it needs to maintain optimal health throughout the year. Southern Star Stump can help you keep healthy trees through winter, preventing severe damage and unnecessary stump removal of dead or dying trees. Here is a tree maintenance checklist to help your trees thrive in any season.

Soil Care

Trees in the forest don’t have to worry about soil care because organic matter decomposes on the surface. This is not the case for residential premises, as all organic materials like fallen leaves and branches are cleared to maintain an aesthetically pleasing landscape. Unfortunately, this compromises the ability of the tree to grow or heal from damage or extreme conditions.

If you want to avoid calling a stump removal service in winter, there are several things you can do to ensure they are healthy this fall. You first need to fertilize the soil around your trees with slow-releasing fertilizers, ensuring they have a continuous supply of nutrients throughout the year. Secondly, freshen up the mulch to conserve moisture, protect the soil against compaction and erosion, and maintain soil temperatures. Lastly, reduce irrigation frequency as the weather becomes colder to avoid flooding unless it rains.


The next step for fall tree care is cleanup, which involves appropriately handling the leaves and branches to benefit the tree during winter. Make sure you remove leaves from beds and turf, keeping your grass healthy and protected from snow mold development. You can also use this material as mulch or compost the following year.

Another essential part of the cleanup is trimming since removing diseased, dead or unsafe trees ensures your tree remains in optimal condition. In addition, we recommend trimming lifeless branches, cracked or diseased limbs, and overgrown foliage. Failing to take action can severely damage your tree, resulting in emergency calls to a stump grinding service.


Winter is inevitable, and preparation is the best solution to ensuring your trees survive the extreme weather. If you want your trees to go through winter unscathed, ensure weak branches are supported with a brace or cable. This prevents the limbs from breaking but relieves the stress caused by heavy ice and snow. It is also essential to ensure your evergreens get a satisfying gulp of water before winter by providing an adequate water supply. We recommend watering deep into the soil weekly using a slow soaking technique so that the tree gets sufficient water.

For more information on ways to keep your trees healthy in the fall, contact us at Southern Star Stump and schedule an appointment with our team of experts. We offer a wide range of services, from stump grinding to pruning, guaranteed to meet your tree care needs.