How to Keep Your Trees Healthy
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How to Keep Your Trees Healthy

Trees need care and maintenance regularly. However, homeowners need to pay more attention to the wellbeing of their trees when evaluating areas that need attention. Even if your trees don’t show signs of deterioration, it is advisable to hire a tree care company for routine inspections. At Southern Star Stump, we leverage extensive industry experience and innovative equipment to enhance your trees’ quality of service and overall wellbeing.

Professional inspections allow us to detect, diagnose, and address trivial signs of damage before things become more pronounced. The last thing you want is a decaying or dead tree in your yard, attracting unwanted critters and compromising the safety of your premises. If this is the case in your backyard, we recommend hiring a stump removal service as soon as possible. Here are tips to help you keep your trees in tip-top condition.

Prune Your Trees

Pruning is an excellent way to eliminate damaged branches, boost growth, and achieve a desired shape for curb appeal. In addition, it also prevents safety hazards and property damage from falling branches. There are many pruning techniques, and we can recommend the right one for your trees. DIY pruning projects often use the wrong method, causing significant damage or, worse, tree death. It is advisable to work with a professional tree service, preventing premature death during the subsequent stump removal. Even if you have the required tools, working with a certified arborist eliminates the risk of rookie mistakes.

Fertilize Your Trees

Trees have a root system that absorbs water and nutrients for growth and development. If your backyard lacks all the vital nutrients, fertilization is an effective way of ensuring your trees are strong and healthy. The type of fertilizer you use depends on the geographical area, but most fertilizers contain phosphorus and nitrogen, and other nutrients lacking in that area. Many property owners overlook the signs of nutrient deficiency in their trees, resulting in deterioration. If you suspect a nutrient-deficient tree in your yard, it may be time to hire a service provider. We can assess the severity of the damage to determine whether to salvage it or proceed with stump grinding.

Mulch Your Trees

Another common practice among property owners is mulching. This involves adding a 3-4-inch-thick layer of organic material around the tree’s base. Mulching offers many benefits, from regulating soil temperature and providing nutrients to protect trees from pests and diseases. DIYers should avoid volcanic mulching, which involves adding a layer thicker than 4 inches, covering the entire root flare. Hiring a tree care company eliminates any guesswork from the process if you are unsure about the right amount of mulch to use.

These are the three most essential factors to consider if you want to maintain a lush landscape. Trees are complex and require routine inspections and care to mitigate damages, infestations, and infections. Contact us at Southern Star Stump and talk to our representatives about regular tree care and maintenance. We provide top-notch services like stump grinding at competitive market rates and restoring your yard to optimal condition.