How to Properly Care Your Tree’s Roots
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How to Properly Care Your Tree’s Roots

Like the human body, trees comprise many parts, including the trunk, leaves, and roots. These parts work together to keep the tree alive. In addition, trees need several critical elements to help them survive, such as carbon dioxide, water, and food, which it makes with the help of sunlight. Property owners should test the soil before planting trees to ensure they grow strong and beautiful. Southern Star Stump provides top-notch residential and commercial tree services, from planting and pruning to trimming and stump removal.

We leverage extensive industry knowledge and expertise to help your trees grow strong by inspecting, diagnosing, and addressing the problem. In case of severe damage, count on us to handle the stump removal process. Let’s review helpful tips to keep your tree’s roots in excellent condition.

Why Tree Roots Are Important

Roots provide anchorage, holding the tree in place. Also, roots absorb vital nutrients and water from the soil, which is critical for growth and survival. Tree roots are usually shallow and can be found at least six to twelve inches below the surface. However, they extend far beyond the canopy to enhance stability. If you have trees growing in your backyard, here are tips to help you care for the roots.

Invest in Mulch

Mulch is an organic material that provides vital nutrients and provides the roots with extra moisture. After a tree removal and stump grinding project, you can make mulch from various materials, including kitchen waste, foliage, or wood chips. We recommend laying mulch at least four inches thick around the base, especially in spring, to protect them from the cold. If you prefer a more hands-off approach, consider hiring a tree care company to handle the process. We can help you choose the best mulch material for your trees without compromising growth and health.

Water Regularly

Regardless of your tree’s age, watering regularly is critical for overall well-being. It is imperative for people living in arid areas to provide sufficient water to support root development. However, excessive watering can increase susceptibility to fungus, which damages the roots and, ultimately, the entire tree. Homeowners should invest in smart irrigation systems to curb under and overwatering, since most smart systems have controllers to regulate the amount of water.

Let Roots Breathe

As mentioned, roots play a critical role in a tree’s growth. Therefore, proper aeration goes a long way to ensure enough oxygen circulation. If trees grow in compacted soil, water and air won’t reach the roots. Compacting mulch around the tree tightly can suffocate the roots close to the surface.

Avoid Cutting a Tree’s Roots

Sometimes, roots grow above the surface, and cutting them can increase vulnerability to infestations and infections. You may also stress the tree if you cut big or main roots. Although trees can heal with time, they can cause death if the damage is severe. Before you cut exposed roots, consult an arborist to ensure you don’t lose the tree prematurely.

Contact us at Southern Star Stump and schedule a consultation with our representatives. We provide various services at competitive market rates, including tree cutting and stump grinding. Help you increase curb appeal and property value by providing care and maintenance.