How to Properly Water Your Trees
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How to Properly Water Your Trees

Trees are excellent additions to any landscape, offering numerous benefits from improving air quality and property value to enhancing the aesthetics of the environment and many more. However, proper care and maintenance are vital for growth and development. Watering your trees is a mandatory task if you want a lush and healthy backyard. Most people lack the proper technique to effectively and efficiently water their landscape, resulting in issues such as overwatering and underwatering, compromising the well-being of your trees. Southern Star Stump can help you water your trees properly through routine care and maintenance. The last thing you want is a tree dying on your lawn, resulting in tree and stump grinding or removal.

How Much Water for Your Tree?

Tree service companies around the country recommend 10 gallons of water for every inch of trunk diameter. This translates to 20 gallons for every 2-inch trunk diameter sapling you purchase at the nursery. However, from our extensive industry and field experience, we discovered that a newly planted tree doesn’t need all that water.

The screwdriver test is an excellent way to test how much water your trees are getting. Most tree roots are found at least 12 inches below the surface, and pushing a screwdriver through the ground can help avoid underwatering or overwatering. If there’s no resistance as the screwdriver enters the ground, your yard is properly watered. However, resistance or difficulty pushing the tool into the ground indicates more watering is required. This technique can help to maintain healthy, happy trees throughout the year. Here are some of the recommended methods to water your trees.


If you are watering a tree using a hose at high pressure, the soil absorbs more water than it needs, resulting in wasteful run-off. We recommend turning the hose to low pressure, allowing the water to dribble out rather than shower the tree. While this is considered the most time-consuming and rigorous method, it is one of the most commonly used among residential properties. Please move to a new location under the canopy every half-hour, and repeat the process until it is sufficiently watered.

Soaker Hose

An efficient and easier alternative to a regular hose is a soaker hose placed under the tree’s canopy. These systems are designed to be porous, allowing the water to seep into the ground by slowly releasing the water. This technique minimizes wastage and absorption, ensuring the water penetrates at least eight inches unto the earth. A soaker hose should be placed in a circular pattern like the canopy, ensuring all the areas receive sufficient water.


Sprinklers are commonly used watering systems for both residential and commercial properties. Properly installed sprinklers are an excellent way to water any area of land covered by landscaping, but when used to water trees, you should consult a professional tree care company. Installing a sprinkler system can be time-consuming and challenging, especially if you lack the experience and skills to do it properly. We can help you avoid rookie mistakes and miscalculations that compromise your watering efforts and the health of your backyard.

If you need tree maintenance services, we can handle everything from stump removal to trimming or pruning, among many more. Contact us at Southern Star Stump, and schedule a consultation with our team of experts. We guarantee exceptional tree care and maintenance at pocket-friendly rates.