How to Protect Your Trees from Rodents and Deer
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How to Protect Your Trees from Rodents and Deer

Trees provide a range of benefits, from cooling your home in the summer to providing a habitat for small animals in the backyard. However, some animals that frequent your property cause damage, affecting the well-being of your trees. Although watching squirrels rush up and down a tree or a deer wandering the yard is enjoyable, the damage can be irreversible.

Once you notice signs of gnawing on tree trunks or munching on leaves, you must act as soon as possible. When you schedule routine inspections with Southern Star Stump, we identify minor signs of damage and recommend a viable solution based on the severity. Delaying professional care can lead to unplanned tree cutting and stump removal. Here are four ways to protect your trees from rodents, deer and other animals.


Wild animals don’t have boundaries; unless you provide one, you may experience frequent tree damage. While small animals like squirrels will still enter your property, animals over four feet will not access the premises. An inexpensive alternative is erecting a wire fence and camouflaging it with a hedge plant. Ensure you choose a plant the deer doesn’t like, or they will eat that too. If a perimeter mesh fence is not practical or violates the neighborhood’s laws, consider fencing around individual trees. Ensure the barriers are at least six feet when dealing with deer to prevent severe damage and emergency stump removal services.

Startling Objects

A fake owl on the roof or a scarecrow in the garden effectively scares animals off the yard. These objects should make noises and move with the wind for realism. Everyday objects used to startle wildlife include motion-activated devices and wind chimes near trees. Some have inbuilt water jets which spray animals approaching the tree, mitigating damage. Research shows that putting deterrents in your yard reduces animal-related tree damage by 30%, saving you a lot of money on repairs and stump grinding.

Natural Repellents

Although some chemicals irritate wildlife approaching your property, they contain harmful substances which pollute the environment. However, some plant-based repellents are just as effective without risking the safety of your trees and the environment. It is advisable to consult a professional arborist before purchasing these solutions to ensure you choose the safest and most effective for your intended purpose. Whether it’s preventing pets, rodents and other critters, we can help you choose natural repellents that don’t contain harmful chemicals.

Chemical Repellents

Some instances of natural repellents are ineffective. When this happens, chemical repellents can be used moderately to rid wildlife of your property. Since the market is full of different products, choosing the most suited repellent can be challenging. Hence, consulting an experienced arborist can eliminate the guesswork and uncertainty by ensuring your tree remains healthy after application.

Animals can wreak unimaginable havoc in your yard. Contact us at Southern Star Stump to schedule an appointment with our certified tree experts. We leverage extensive knowledge and equipment to help you maintain healthy and appealing trees. If a tree in your yard is severely damaged, we offer quality tree-cutting and stump grinding services at pocket-friendly rates.