How to Remove Tree Stumps
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How to Remove Tree Stumps

Tree stumps may look harmless, but it’s important that you have them removed from your yard.

Let’s look at the methods you can use to remove tree stumps.

Method 1: Remove The Stump Manually

You’ll need a digging bar, box saw, an ax, and mattock to remove a tree stump manually. Simply dig around the stump to loosen the soil and then sever the roots with a mattock. Continue to dig until you reach the taproot. Cut the taproot using an ax and wiggle the stump around and pull it out. 

Method 2: Burn The Stump

This option entails burning the stump to weaken it for easier removal. First, use a power drill to drill holes in the stump and sprinkle it with a fire starter such as potassium nitrate. Pour hot water on the stump and let it soak completely. After six weeks, pour kerosene or fuel oil in the holes and ignite the stump. If the weakened stump is small or medium-sized, dig it up using a mattock. But if it’s a large stump, you’ll need to hire a stump removal service to help you remove the residual stump.

Method 3: Rot A Tree Stump

This is another simple stump removal technique that entails rotting a stump with a high-nitrogen substance. All you need to do is drill holes into the stump and fill them with a high-nitrogen substance such as potassium nitrate. Once you are done, pour boiling water into each hole to dissolve the salt. Leave the stump alone for several weeks to allow the stump to soften. Chip off pieces as the stump softens.

However, this method can take anywhere from 6 weeks to 12 months to get rid of the stump. That means it may not be the best method for someone looking to remove stumps within the shortest time possible.

Method 4: Call in A Stump Removal Company

This is the most effective and safest method for removing tree stumps. A stump removal company will come in with advanced equipment and get rid of tree stumps through either stump removal or stump grinding.

Why You Shouldn’t Leave a Tree Stump in Your Yard

Other than being an unsightly eyesore on your property, leaving stumps in your yard can actually be dangerous. Stumps can pose a tripping danger, especially to children playing in the yard.

A stump left in place will begin to decompose and become a pest magnet. The last thing you want in your yard is all sorts of insects building nests inside of the stumps of your fallen tree.

Moreover, tree stumps can take up a lot of valuable space in your yard and lower the value of your property.

There are many other problems and hazards caused by tree stumps that are left in the ground. It’s best to have them removed safely and say goodbye to that unsightly eyesore and say hello to an aesthetically pleasing yard.

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