How to Tell if a Tree is Dangerous
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How to Tell if a Tree is Dangerous

Trees enhance the beauty of any landscape and improve the quality of the environment. However, sometimes they pose safety risks and require removal if the damage is irreversible. You may reach out to a professional stump removal service if you have a severely damaged tree in your backyard. Southern Star Stump is a reputable tree care company with trained technicians ready to help you eliminate a dangerous tree on your premises.

We know how frustrating it is to lose a tree, but if it means keeping your loved one’s safe, we are the go-to stump removal service. Leverage our extensive industry experience and knowledge to detect dangerous trees and take the action before things get out of hand. Here are signs of hazardous trees you should know.

Leaning Trees

A tree leaning slightly may not raise any concerns, but the weight is unevenly distributed if it looks like it’s about to fall. Leaning trees can cause severe injuries and property damage when they fall. Watch out for exposed roots or cracked soil around the tree, which means you may face a potential safety hazard. Call a certified arborist if you have concerns about a leaning tree in your yard, and enjoy professional stump grinding.

Compromised Trunks

A deteriorating tree trunk is one of the most common signs of a failing tree. When you see cracks or missing chunks of bark, chances are your tree is becoming a potential hazard. Check for U-shaped or V-shaped trunks because the wood where the trunks come together weakens or splits when storms occur. Scheduling routine maintenance allows us to detect such issues in advance and prevent safety hazards in the future.

Insect Damage

Trees are a habitat for different species of insects, but some harm the trees by leaving chew marks on different parts. Insect damage often goes undetected, but it can severely damage your trees. The presence of insect-sized holes is a clear sign you have an infestation problem, and delaying maintenance results in premature death and unplanned stump grinding or removal. While there are many pesticides on the market, hiring a tree care company is essential for help. Only some chemicals are suited for some trees. And some can worsen the condition by speeding up the rate of deterioration.

Dead and Broken Limbs

Broken branches are the most noticeable signs, especially in the spring and summer. Decaying or dead branches usually have brown, withered leaves or no leaves. Over time, these limbs become weaker and susceptible to storm damage. They can easily fall during strong winds, causing property damage or injuries.


Mushrooms prefer growing where there’s decay, so when you see them around a tree in your yard, get professional help. An arborist can inspect the tree to determine the severity of the damage and recommend solutions to restore it to optimal health. However, if this is not an option, you can rely on us to provide unmatched stump removal or grinding services,

Contact us at Southern Star Stump and schedule an appointment with the experts. We leverage state-of-the-art tools and equipment to enhance the quality of maintenance without breaking the bank.