Is it Necessary to Remove Leaning Tree?
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Is it Necessary to Remove Leaning Tree?

Most questions we get from property and homeowners are about leaning trees and whether it's necessary to remove them. When dealing with a leaning tree in your backyard, it all comes down to how severe the lean is, whether it developed recently or the tree grew in that position. Trees that grow and develop with a lean are usually safe. Still, if the lean has developed because of mechanical or storm damage, you need to reach out to the professionals at Southern Star Stump for quality stump removal.

As a tree grows, various reasons can shift most of the weight on one side, forcing the roots to move in the opposite direction for optimal anchorage. However, trees that have recently developed a lean are considered a safety risk, and you should consider consulting an arborist for a maintenance check. After a comprehensive tree assessment, tree care professional can recommend the appropriate care or stump removal. A tree that has developed a lean after a storm and is above your home should be considered an emergency that requires quick action.

What Causes a Tree to Develop a Lean?

Trees usually grow upright, but if planted in areas with insufficient light, they can lean as the tree grows toward the light. Regions that experience regular heavy rains and winds are among the leading causes of trees developing a lean since the ground is always soft, making it easy for strong winds to topple trees. Such trees are usually not considered safety risks, but routine scheduling maintenance addresses any potential threat to your loved ones and property.

Trees are intelligent in how they grow; if the weight shifts to one side, the roots grow in the opposite direction to provide maximum support. Trees that grow asymmetrically, like Eucalyptus nicholii, are shallow-rooted, making them susceptible to falling during strong winds. If you suspect that a tree in your yard is suddenly leaning, it might be time you consider hiring an arborist to assess the severity of the situation.

Can a Learning Tree Be Saved?

Like any tree-related problem, a leaning tree can be saved if it is detected early. While the solution might not be to straighten the tree, it is advisable to trim the heavier side to make the tree safer and reduce the risk of falling. Factors to consider to determine if a leaning tree poses a safety risk include tree size and how the lean developed.

A leaning tree caused by uneven distribution is often easy to fix by taking off some weight. A tree that has developed a lean because of harsh weather can be structurally compromised and must be removed. Our tree surgeon can help you decide whether to save it or not. At Southern Star Stump, we leverage our extensive industry experience and cutting-edge tools to enhance the quality of service. Contact us today and schedule an appointment with our tree care experts. We guarantee exceptional stump grinding and removal services at competitive market prices.