Managing Tree Root Disease
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Managing Tree Root Disease

Tree root disease is usually caused by a species of Phytophthora and species of the fungus Armillaria. Both species are fungus-like pathogens that affect the tree roots, causing weakness and susceptibility to fungus found in the soil. It is difficult to tell if your soil contains dormant spores, but once the soil in your property becomes waterlogged, the spores are activated and attack the roots. Root disease mimics a pest infestation, making it difficult for an untrained person to diagnose. The experts at Southern Star Stump provide top-notch tree services from stump grinding to stump removal, helping you get rid of a potentially hazardous tree in your yard.

Identifying Tree Root Disease

The first step towards managing the disease is knowing how to identify it. Most people lack sufficient knowledge and experience, and that's why it's advisable to onboard a professional. If you detect the presence of soft, brown roots, it's advisable to consult an expert. A healthy tree root should be firm and white, but when the soil is soggy, spores attack the healthy portion of the root turning it brown and mushy before death.

This makes it difficult for the tree root to absorb the water and nutrients it requires to grow, causing a deficiency that results in stunted growth and falling of leaves. If the conditions are favorable for the fungus to spread faster, it can result in tree death within ten days. It is advisable to loosen the soil around the base of the plant making it less likely to clog.

Dealing with Tree Root Disease

Once you have detected the disease, the next step involves determining whether the tree can be saved or not. It can be difficult for an inexperienced person to assess the state of the affected tree, and that's why Southern Star Stump has a dedicated team of professionals to help you assess the tree's health before recommending a suitable solution.

After a thorough assessment from our team, we can help you save the tree or help you mitigate the risk of having a dying tree in your backyard. If the tree is far much gone, we can help you remove it with minimum damage to your property through stump grinding. However, depending on your plans for the land, we can give you a clean slate through stump removal.

The Need to Hire a Professional

When a tree poses safety and health risks, it is important to onboard a professional to ensure that everything is done up to code and with the appropriate equipment. Hiring a pro ensures that the job is done properly, reducing the risk of tree-related injuries and damage when getting rid of a hazardous tree.

Whether you intend to use the land for construction or renovations, Southern Star Stump provides quality tree and stump removal services so that the project runs smoothly. Increase the value of your property by working with us on maintaining healthy trees and getting rid of hazardous trees. Contact us today and schedule an appointment with the experts for top-notch tree services.