Methods to Kill a Tree
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Methods to Kill a Tree

Trees are not only good for the environment but also have a range of benefits. However, there are certain situations when the presence of a tree is a nuisance, and just like other unwanted plants, a tree can become a weed. So what do you do when you want to get rid of a tree? At Southern Star Stump, we have a team of professionals ready to help you understand the various tree-killing options, from stump removal to stump grinding. The reality is that there are several ways you can kill a tree, such as:

Killing by Girdling

Also known as ring-barking, it involves removing the bark of a tree in a complete ring from the stem, trunk or branch, and kills anything above that point. Girdling is an effective tree killing method by removing the inner layer, which supplies nutrients to flow to different parts of the tree. Although you have severed the link for nutrient transfer, water and minerals are still making their way from the roots, and so this method takes a few weeks before the tree dies.

Paving Around Trees

One of the most effective ways to take down a tree is by approaching it from the roots. Roots have a vital role in the survival of a tree, and paving around it threatens the efficiency of the root system from performing its duties. Paving limits the root’s ability to get sufficient air and water since pavements tend to be nonporous. This means that the roots are sealed off from accessing rainwater or air, resulting in weakness and eventually death. Mulching too profoundly over the roots also results in suffocation and root death.

Using Salt

What most people don’t know, salt is an effective way to kill a tree. This is because salt contains sodium and prevents the flow of crucial minerals such as magnesium and potassium, vital for chlorophyll. By depriving a tree of these essential minerals, the tree cannot sustain itself and eventually die. However, this method affects surrounding vegetation and can end up ruining other plants. Therefore, it is crucial to concentrate the salt around the tree to avoid harming other plants unintentionally.

Using Chemicals

When appropriately applied, herbicides can kill a tree with minimum impact on the environment. There are many using herbicides, but the most environmentally friendly method involves applying the herbicides to a specific area. Although, in some cases, spraying is the only viable option, there are other ways to kill a tree chemically. These ways include cut surface treatments, injection treatments, stump treatments, and soil treatment, among others.

The truth is that killing a tree is a daunting task, especially if you are not sure of where to start or the most effective method. At Southern Starr Stump, we provide you with quality tree stump removal and stump grinding services without breaking the bank. With 40 years of experience and modern equipment, our professionals can offer services that meet and exceed your expectations. So contact s today and schedule a removal service with the experts.