Planting Trees Next to Your Driveway
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Planting Trees Next to Your Driveway

A healthy tree in your backyard can change the overall appearance of your landscape, enhancing curb appeal and property value. However, where you grow trees can affect other structures on your premises, like the driveway. If you have plans to beautify your landscape with trees, consult a professional tree care company to ensure the safety and well-being of your home. Trees growing too close to driveways, walkways, or sidewalks increase the risk of property damage, and you may need to consider premature stump removal. At Southern Star Stump, we have seasoned arborists ready to help you grow healthy trees without risking the quality of your premises and surrounding structures.

Distance from the Driveway

Trees have expansive root systems which cause deterioration on your home’s foundation or surrounding surfaces like driveways. With that in mind, planting trees at a safe distance is advisable to mitigate root damage. While small trees don’t grow beyond 30 feet tall, we recommend planting them at least three feet from the pavement. However, medium-sized trees grow to a maximum of 50 feet and should be planted over six feet from the driveway. Trees that grow taller than 50 feet are uncommon in residential property, but if one grows in your backyard, it is transplanted over eight feet from the driveway.

Tree Roots

Even if you grow short trees, some species have aggressive roots, which can be found between 6 and 24 inches within the soil. This means the roots can easily lift and damage the pavement, compromising the structural integrity. Depending on the trees in your property, the roots can spread up to four times the diameter of the crown. If you don’t rule out possible culprits, the risk of property damage and costly stump removal is high.

We can help you maintain lasting driveways without damaging your trees by ensuring trees grow at a safe distance from nearby structures. Trees that wreak the most havoc include red and sugar maples. If you grow any hardy trees in your home, we recommend stump grinding to prevent further growth and damage without destroying your yard.

Tree Litter

Trees shed leaves, seed cones and pods, fruits, twigs and branches in fall and other times of the year. If a tree grows near the driveway, parking your car can cause irreversible damage. It is advisable to grow tree species that don’t dump a lot of debris, mitigating tree-related hazards. Trees that litter frequently include tulip trees and pine oak. Although these trees may not be an immediate cause for concern, they can damage your roof and driveway in the long run. We can help you maintain a clean and safe environment by eliminating such trees and providing stump grinding or removal services to prevent re-growth.

Fortunately, there are trees you can grow near driveways without risking structural integrity or curb appeal. These trees include bur oak and maidenhair, which are hardy and have tap roots. Contact us at Southern Star Stump to learn more about safe trees to grow at home. We offer various services, such as stump grinding and removal, at competitive rates.