Reasons Why Burying Your Tree Stump is a Good Idea
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Reasons Why Burying Your Tree Stump is a Good Idea

If you have unwanted trees on your lawn or landscape, then you only have one option to get rid of them: a tree removal. You will find out, however, that the tree removal is not a thorough job. Though the majority of the tree will be taken away, you will likely be left with the stump and roots. The good news is that you have more choices when it comes to addressing the stump. You can go with a stump removal, stump grinding, or a stump burial. Frankly, burying the stump is the least advisable option, but there is a benefit to it, which we will review in this article. If you need a stump removal or stump grinding, then call Southern Star Stump to speak with a live representative.

The Benefit of Burying the Tree Stump

There is really only one advantage of burying the tree stump, and that is affordability. If you do not have the budget to have the stump removed or grinded, then you can grab a shovel and get to work. This budget buster has its own costs though.

Before you grab that shovel, there are a few things to consider:

First, there is the risk of sinkholes forming in the yard or landscape. As the stump rots underground, it will create air pockets that will cause soil to shift and sink. This can be detrimental to any structures built upon that land. Even small sinkholes can be dangerous as they are trip hazards that can catch pedestrians off guard.

The second thing to consider is related. The risks that come with sinkholes have led some communities and local governments to forbid burying tree stumps. Others require special and official permission. We recommend you speak with your local government authorities if you plan to bury your tree stump.

The final issue with burying the tree stump is that the decaying wood can attract pests and insects such as termites, ants, and even roaches. Your building is likely going to be their next stop once they’ve had enough of the stump remains.

The Other Options

Stump grinding or even a complete stump removal is better in the long run, granted they come with a price tag. Stump grinding still poses some of the risks of burying the stump, to a lesser degree. Grinding does not address the underground roots, which will decay and can cause sinkholes or attract pests. A stump removal will completely eliminate the stump as well as the roots. However, this method will leave a hole in the ground which can be filled with soil and dirt.

Considering A Stump Grinding or Stump Removal?

If you have decided that the risks of burying the stump are just too high but are daunted by the cost of a stump removal or stump grinding, then call Southern Star Stump. Ask about ongoing promotional offers and get a free price estimate upfront. If the price suits your budget, then you can schedule an appointment then and there. We are ready when you are.