Removing Large Trees from Small Spaces
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Removing Large Trees from Small Spaces

Removing large trees is a risky job and it is always best to hire a professional to do the job. There are numerous safety risks involved during the removal process and you might damage buildings that are nearby. It can be even more complicated especially when the tree is in a small tight space. These risks can be prevented by hiring a professional service to ensure that everything is done the right way concerning quality and safety. Southern Star Stump is willing to help you safely remove large trees. Here are some steps that we take to remove large trees.

Large Tree Removal Process

Clearing the Area

Tree removal is a dangerous task and should be left to tree service providers and professional arborists who have the necessary equipment, tools, and gear. We will first evaluate the property and then take note of vulnerable infrastructure and structures. We will then move everyone and everything away from the area before starting. This includes lawn decors, cars, and other equipment to prevent any kind of injury, accident, or damage from falling branches or trunk sections.

Cutting off Branches

Our professionals will bring the bucket truck to a safe distance. After we situate the bucket truck, we will methodically and slowly cut off the small pieces at a time using a chainsaw. They will start by cutting those lower branches and controlling their fall using a rope. This will make the branches fall cleanly on the ground without any splintering or dangerous breaking. After higher branches and canopy are removed, our tree surgeon will move down the tree trunk while looking for the best way how to remove it.

Taking Down the Trunk

After all tree branches are removed, the next step is to cut down the trunk. Our tree surgeon will move down the tree trunk while looking for the best way how to remove it. Once the tree is fully removed, then we will safely load all parts of the tree into our trailer and move it away from your property.

Stump Grinding

After removing the tree branches and stump, our specialists will initiate stump removal if you have enlisted it in the service. It is recommended to remove the stump because it can start to rot and attract dangerous pests. In case the stump is very close to the building, termites can invade the stump and this can present unwanted outcomes. During the stump removal process, our stump grinding team will grind a tree stump into small wood chips in the ground and will ensure that the stump is ground down up to 6 inches below the soil. The chips may be disposed of as yard waste

If you are planning to remove a large tree that is near your house, we can do it for you. At Southern Star Stump, we have a lot of experience in working with trees and we can safely remove large trees from your property. Call us to schedule your tree removal today.