Should I Replant or Remove Uprooted Trees
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Should I Replant or Remove Uprooted Trees

Trees bring a lot of joy throughout the year and play a vital role in the serenity of our environment. Whether it is providing shade during the hot summer weather or enjoying the falling brown and gold leaves during autumn, there’s no doubt that trees are vital elements of our surroundings. However, various factors result in the uprooting of trees, such as hurricanes, heavy rains, and thunderstorms, among others. When this happens, you are left with two options, replanting or removing the uprooted trees. Southern Star Stump’s team of experts can help you make an informed decision based on the magnitude of the damage and other factors after assessment.

Saving an Uprooted Tree

When a tree is uprooted, whether it can be saved or not depends entirely on the condition it is in and the size of the tree. For example, a large tree is less likely to be salvaged due to the massive root structure, and the sheer size of the tree requires heavy equipment to lift it into place. Since uprooting results in significant damage to the root system, it makes more sense to replant a smaller tree in its place instead. Our experts may recommend stump grinding to ease the removal of the uprooted tree since it is shredded into a more manageable size.

Our stump removal services ensure that you can easily replace without worrying about the exposed root structures since we ensure that all the protruding shattering roots are cut and left beneath the soil. This gives you ample space to plant without having to move the uprooted tree physically. If the size of the uprooted tree can be replanted, our team will ensure that the tree is back to its vertical position and is well supported and pruned for a better chance of survival.

Replanting Uprooted Trees

When replanting an uprooted tree, our team ensures that it is done with extreme care to avoid causing further damage to the branches and roots. With the appropriate equipment, the tree is carefully lifted back to its initial position with minimum damage. Preparing yourself for any transplant shock if the tree suffers significant root and branch damage is essential. We can assess a range of factors before replanting to determine if that is the appropriate solution or not. This involves checking the type of tree, age, size, and season before proceeding with replanting.

Uprooted Tree Removal

When our team rules out replanting as a viable option after a thorough assessment, the safest alternative will be to remove the uprooted tree. Although handling an uprooted tree is potentially rigorous and hazardous work, our experts are well equipped and skilled to get the job done. Depending on where the tree is uprooted, you could be dealing with water, sewer, and utility lines which can get damaged during the removal process. However, using the appropriate equipment and expertise, the tree is safely removed without causing further damage to your property.

Southern Star Stump helps you deal with a range of tree-related issues by providing services such as stump removal, uprooted tree removal, and stump grinding. Contact us today to learn more about our tree services and how we can help you improve the aesthetics of your backyard.