Signs You May Need Emergency Tree Removal
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Signs You May Need Emergency Tree Removal

Trees are a beautiful way for you to enhance the aesthetics of your landscape and enhance the general quality of the environment. However, trees lose their structural integrity over time due to various reasons, which prompts immediate action before it becomes a safety risk. Some of the reasons why trees eventually become compromised include disease, pest invasion, and normal ageing. If you suspect that a tree in your backyard is affected and poses a risk to your loved ones and property, it is advisable to consult the experts at Southern Star Stump for stump removal services. Some of the signs to look out for include:

Leaning Trees

When a tree starts changing its usual trajectory and appears as leaning to one side, you need to get professional help. Although it is natural for some trees to bend, this can signify tree damage and impending safety risk. Once you notice a sudden shift in the tree's position, it is high time you bring a team of experts on board. Our team will determine whether the tree has surpassed 15% from its vertical position, which requires to be dealt with immediately. We will prevent the leaning tree from causing damage through stump grinding or other viable stump removal solutions.

Damaged Tree Roots

Roots play a vital role in the wellbeing of any plant since they are tasked with providing nutrients, water, and sufficient support. However, when roots become damaged, the tree cannot access all these vital elements, which results in its degradation. Therefore, it is essential to keep an eye out for any damaged roots since this is a sign that the tree is no longer healthy.

Once you identify the presence of decayed or damaged roots, it is essential to seek professional tree removal service providers. A tree with broken roots lacks sufficient structural support, meaning it can collapse at any moment.

Presence of Dead Branches

It is usual for trees to have small dead branches, which can be caused by several reasons such as slight breaking. However, when you notice large branches that are dead around the tree, then it is a sign that the tree is barely surviving. The most common safety hazard is that dead branches can fall at any time, resulting in property damage or harm to those around. We can help you deal with this issue before it becomes a significant problem, and depending on the magnitude of the damage, removal is suggested.

Presence of Sprouts

Sprouts are barely a reason for concern, but most people don't know that they are a sign that the tree is experiencing significant health issues. Sprouts appear when the tree is slowly dying and cause more damage by consuming the water and nutrients that the tree needs. As they continue to grow, the tree becomes weaker and can easily fall. By reaching out to our professional team, any tree with sprouts will be assessed before taking the most effective course of action.

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