Spring Tree Care Checklist
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Spring Tree Care Checklist

Spring is approaching, and there’s time to consult a professional about a customized spring tree care checklist. Property owners should take these steps toward improving their trees’ health and well-being. While it may not be a major cause for concern, spring care pays off tremendously. You don’t have to worry about deterioration or unplanned stump removal projects throughout the year. At Southern Star Stump, we can help you maintain healthy trees by inspecting your trees and customizing a care plan to encourage growth. Here are several tips to ensure your trees get a good head start this spring.

Spring Fertilization

Spring is the season for fresh growth after many months of dormancy. Before fertilizing the soil around your trees, we recommend conducting a soil test to know the nutritional levels and the right fertilizer. A professional should perform these tests to guarantee accuracy and prevent premature deterioration and subsequent stump removal in Dunwoody. You can prevent such scenarios by hiring a reputable tree service to inspect your trees and apply fertilizer correctly. The best time to fertilize your trees is before the leaf emergence by adding modest amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NPK).

Prune at the Right Time

Pruning and trimming should be completed by springtime. The best time to conduct such invasive procedures is during winter, when the trees are dormant. If you prune trees in spring, it increases the risk of infection and infestation, compromising the health of fresh growth and the tree’s well-being. Although minor pruning can be done in spring, it should be left to professionals. The last thing you want is to severely damage your tree during maintenance, resulting in premature tree-cutting and stump grinding.

Help Trees Battle the Wind

Different tree species require varying pruning techniques to help minimize wind damage without affecting overall health. Pruning eliminates dying or dead branches and overgrown limbs, reducing the risk of toppling during adverse weather. We can assess the condition of your trees and recommend the best course of action to maintain optimum well-being. Even if the tree is big and strong, thinning the crown goes a long way in protecting the tree from mother nature.

Check for Salt in the Soil

The high salt content in the soil is not good for your trees. If you are unsure about the salt content in your backyard, consult a reputable tree care company for a soil test. In addition, regular leaching is recommended to ensure safe amounts of soil. Roots absorb nutrients and water, but salt can affect this process, leading to time deterioration. You can install an efficient irrigation system to provide sufficient water and push salt past the root zone to improve growth.

While the checklist is not limited to the tips listed, you can hire a professional tree care company for professional services and advice. Contact us at Southern Star Stump to learn more about tree maintenance this spring from the experts. At competitive rates, we leverage extensive industry knowledge and expertise to guarantee top-notch services, including stump grinding or removal.