The Best Way to Remove Tree Roots
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The Best Way to Remove Tree Roots

It can be overwhelming and rigorous when you want to remove a large tree from your backyard. Homeowners need to plan for the falling trajectory and whether to choose stump grinding or removal. Large trees have extensive roots, which can destroy your landscape if you remove the entire tree. However, stump grinding is a less invasive solution that leaves the roots beneath the ground and removes the eyesore. Southern Star Stump can account for plans and recommend the best solution for your home.

We leverage state-of-the-art equipment and proven techniques to easily remove root systems without risking property damage or safety hazards. Even if you have construction projects lined up, our arborists can provide stump removal and restoration services, giving you a clean slate to start over.

The Need for Tree Removal

Trees are valuable additions to any property, but sometimes they must be removed. Like most living things, trees become unhealthy and die. In addition, natural disasters such as lightning and strong winds can cause severe damage, which requires removal for safety concerns. Regardless of the reason for eliminating a tree, it is crucial to account for the roots. If you don’t deal with the roots, they can become a nuisance in the future.

Roots extend throughout the property and sometimes continue living long after the tree is cut. With that in mind, we provide comprehensive stump removal services that involve digging the roots. Sometimes roots grow under sidewalks, roads, or other trees, which makes removal difficult. Hence, hiring a tree service to handle the heavy lifting can ease the process. Here are the best ways to remove stubborn tree roots.

Manual Digging

Manual digging doesn’t require expensive equipment or a lot of skilled labor, especially if you are dealing with smaller roots. Unfortunately, digging out the entire root system by hand is time-consuming and requires patience. Another factor to consider before manually digging out roots is the position of your utility lines. The last thing you want is to puncture a sewer line in the backyard, releasing toxic effluent into your property.

Chemical Application

Chemicals can kill root systems and loosen up the soil, which makes it easier for homeowners to dig out. However, chemical products can damage surrounding plants and contaminate your soil, rendering your landscape unsafe. Many chemical solutions require a licensed stump removal professional, so you may need to hire one if you prefer chemical root removal. If you prefer a more hands-on approach, consult an arborist for guidance before starting the project.

Expert Services

As mentioned, root removal is a rigorous and time-consuming activity for inexperienced or unequipped individuals. If you are not up to the task, schedule a consultation with a professional tree service. Inquire about their services and techniques used to ensure they can address your needs effectively. We use innovative equipment and extensive industry experience to remove roots with minimal yard damage safely.

Contact us at Southern Star Stump to talk to our certified arborists about tree-cutting and root-removal options. We offer a wide range of services, such as stump removal and grinding, at competitive market rates.