Tree Root Management
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Tree Root Management

Trees are vital for an aesthetically pleasing and safe ecosystem. While we rely on trees for clean air, shade, and wildlife habitat, it is crucial to care for the roots below. According to recent reports, root interference remains a massive problem for infrastructure across the United States. Gone are the days of planting trees and hoping they keep out of trouble. At Southern Star Stump, we can help your new tree grow healthy by ensuring the roots have access to water, oxygen, and essential nutrients.

Roots are crucial to the longevity and health of your trees, and failing to provide the needed care can lead to deterioration and death. The best way to prevent severe tree damage and subsequent stump removal is to schedule routine maintenance with a trusted tree service. Let’s look at root management procedures to improve the quality of your yard.

Reduce Soil Compaction

Soil compaction is standard in areas experiencing a lot of machinery and foot traffic near trees. Large roots are forced to grow near the surface, eventually lifting pavements or promising the structural integrity of your home. You can prevent these problems by using barriers to prevent roots from growing under structures or planting smaller trees. However, don’t cut any roots to avoid stressing the tree or affecting its stability.

Tree Removal

If roots from a tree in your yard are causing a problem to your property, it may be time to get rid of the entire tree. Our highly trained arborists handle everything from tree cutting to stump removal in Dunwoody, ensuring the tree doesn’t grow from the roots. A less invasive technique but still effective is stump grinding, which is preferred when you want to maintain curb appeal. You don’t have to wait for severe property damage and the subsequent repairs associated with root damage. We can help you mitigate further damage through quality tree removal or stump grinding.

Install Root Barriers

As mentioned, barriers guide roots away from buildings and pavements to prevent structural damage. Barriers come in various shapes and sizes, hence the need to consult a professional tree service for guidance. We recommend installing barriers when the tree is young, but they can also work on fully developed trees. Root barriers not only guide the roots away from structures but also protect them and improve stability.

Irrigate Your Trees

The primary purpose of roots is to absorb essential nutrients, and water needed for growth. Developing roots are vulnerable to deterioration if they lack sufficient moisture, so regular irrigation is vital. Deep irrigation delivers water slowly and stops when the root zone is moist. Other irrigation techniques can leave the root zone dry or soggy, increasing the risk of root malformation and infrastructure damage.

Deep Root Fertilization

This technique entails injecting fertilizers to enhance aeration in the root system. Deep root fertilization improves the conditions in and around the root zone, boosting the overall well-being of your trees. We can send a certified arborist to provide your trees with the essential nutrient and oxygen levels without compromising the environmental conditions.

Root management is a vital part of tree care, and we can help you maintain a healthy backyard. Contact us at Southern Star Stump and talk to our representatives about root management practices. We offer quality tree services without breaking the bank.