Tree Stump Removal Cost
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Tree Stump Removal Cost

After removing a damaged tree, the next step is dealing with the stump left behind. Whether a tree comes down during a storm or on its own, many homeowners usually want the stump gone to maintain a beautiful and safe lawn. When it comes to stump removal, most people ask: "How much does it cost to get rid of a stump on my yard?" There are several factors to consider when it comes to determining costs, and they can range from $160 to $500, with the national average estimating the cost right around $325.

Generally, removing a stump requires the use of heavy machinery to pull the stump and root system, but this is not the only aspect that contributes to cost fluctuations. Most tree service companies consider factors like the type of tree, geographical location, accessibility on the property, terrain, and many others. While DIY solutions may seem cost-effective, we have the additional workforce and special tools guaranteeing your money’s worth. Here are some factors to consider when calculating tree stump removal costs.

Stump Size

A stump with a large diameter requires more time and effort to get it out. This results in higher charges by the tree company, whether by the hour or size. The accurate size of a stump is measured at ground level, ranging the cost between $60 and $300. If multiple sumps need to be removed, check with the tree service if they offer price breaks, which impacts the average variance. Our experts can take an accurate measure reading and provide a reasonable estimate.

Stump Accessibility

You will likely pay more if the stump is difficult to access or get the equipment to. When dealing with trees close to power lines or wedged between buildings, don’t attempt turning the project into a DIY project for safety reasons. Landscape features such as buildings, fishponds, other trees, or surrounding structures make removal difficult, and only a professional can guarantee finesse and safety. Although these factors impact the overall service cost, it offsets the cost of damage.

Geographical Location

Most goods and services cost more in urban areas than in rural parts of the country, and stump grinding or removal is no exception. The high cost is influenced by permits and insurance, which vary from one place to another. If you live outside the services areas of a tree care company, professionals will charge more, sometimes adding travel expenses to the overall cost. A quick online search for the cost of removing a stump in your area can help you get a gist of the going market rate.

Removal Method

Another factor to consider when removing a stump in your backyard is the removal method. Stump removal is an intrusive process involving heavy equipment and a workforce, making it the most expensive method. A less invasive and cost-effective alternative is stump grinding, which shreds the stump a few inches below ground level. However, your landscaping plans for the future determine the appropriate technique, and we can help make the right decision.

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