What Defines a Healthy Tree?
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What Defines a Healthy Tree?

Nothing brings life to your landscape like healthy trees. Every homeowner dreams of growing dense deciduous or effervescent evergreen trees. Monitoring your tree's health is critical for addressing issues before they become more pronounced, and you have to consider getting rid of them. If you suspect a problem with a tree in your backyard, it may be time to hire a professional stump removal service. Southern Star Stump has seasoned arborists with state-of-the-art equipment ready to help you maintain a lush landscape. Here are ways to tell if your trees are healthy.

One "Leader" Stem

Healthy trees should have one leader, a vertical branch that stems off the top of the trunk. A tree leader keeps a solid and straight profile and adds stability and strength to its structure. If you have a tree in the backyard with more than one leader, the risk of splitting open, diseases, and infestation is high. While the threat may not be instant, it can lead to premature tree cutting and stump removal.

Strong Bark

Another trait of healthy trees is a strong bark that doesn’t chip off bend easily. Regularly check the bark on your trees for signs of peeling or deterioration. In addition, ensure the trunk is free of fungi, cracks, holes, and dead branches. It is advisable to be cautious when assessing the bark on your trees, be careful not to break or gouge it, as this creates wounds that invite unwanted critters and diseases. Severe bark damage affects the well-being of your trees, and you may require stump grinding services sooner than expected.

Robust Branches

A thriving tree should have robust branches that can’t get snapped or bent. Ensure beneath the thin layer of bark is a healthy and green core. Although broken and dead branches are normal, when they are in excess, it is a sign of severe damage and should be addressed as soon as possible. The last thing you want is to deal with insects and diseases attracted by a dead tree in your backyard. We recommend hiring a tree care company to regularly inspect your trees and address signs of deterioration before things get out of hand.

Lots of Leaves

Healthy trees grow a lot of leaves that remain consistent throughout the canopy. Bald patches are not normal and usually show damage. There are many causes of bare patches, and a professional tree service can assess, detect, and address the problem before the damage compromises the overall well-being of your trees.

Healthy Leaves

A sign your tree is doing fine is healthy leaves. Check the pigment of the leaves and ensure they align with the season. Common signs of tree damage are crispy edges and yellow leaves. If you notice these signs on the trees in your backyard, call a tree care company for professional help.

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