What Should I Do If My Tree Is Touching a Power Line?
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What Should I Do If My Tree Is Touching a Power Line?

Having trees on your property is a wonderful addition, but when those trees encroach on power lines, it is a cause for concern. Trees touching power lines pose a significant risk, as they can cause power outages, property damage, and even safety hazards. If you notice branches growing too close to utility lines, call the experts at the Southern Star Stump. We leverage extensive expertise and innovative equipment to ensure quality tree and stump removal services. Our experts can assess the severity of the damage before recommending viable solutions for a tree touching your power lines. Here are ways you can ensure the safety and functionality of your electrical infrastructure.

Contact Your Utility Company

The first and most crucial step when dealing with a tree touching your power lines is to contact the utility company. Utility companies maintain the power lines and ensure their safety. They have trained professionals who can assess the situation and take proper action based on the tree’s proximity to the power lines. Depending on the situation, the best course of action may include trimming, pruning or tree and stump removal.

Pruning or Trimming

Sometimes, the utility company may opt for tree pruning or trimming to address the issue. Professional arborists will cut back branches that are in contact with the power lines while preserving the overall health and shape of the tree. Pruning or trimming should only be done by experts or tree service professionals who have the proper equipment and expertise to work safely around power lines. If the tree cannot be maintained without compromising safety, removal might be a viable option. 

Tree Removal

As mentioned, sometimes the best solution may be to remove the tree altogether. If the tree is in poor health, poses a significant risk to power lines or property, or cannot be safely pruned or trimmed to clear from the power lines, we can recommend tree removal and stump grinding. Our experts can assess the tree’s condition and provide guidance on the safest and most appropriate course of action.

Install Line Insulation or Guards

In situations where removing the tree is not viable or where additional protection is needed, you can install line insulation or guards. Line insulation involves placing insulating materials around the power lines where they come into contact with tree branches. These insulators create a barrier that prevents electrical arcing and reduces the risk of fires. While these measures can help mitigate the risk, they should be installed by professionals who understand electrical safety standards.

If you have a tree touching power lines on your property, prioritize safety and take immediate action. Contact your utility company to report the issue and seek their guidance on the best course of action. Depending on the tree’s condition and its proximity to the power lines, professionals may recommend trimming, tree removal, or the installation of line insulation or guards. Contact us at Southern Star Stump and schedule a consultation with our experts. We leverage quality equipment and knowledge to address the problem promptly and responsibly. Whether pruning and trimming or tree removal and stump grinding, we can ensure the functionality of your electrical infrastructure without affecting the beauty of your trees.