What to Do With Ground Tree Stumps
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What to Do With Ground Tree Stumps

If you are a property owner, getting rid of dead tree stumps is essential to maintaining a healthy, lush, and safe lawn. However, even after hiring a professional stump grinding service, you still need to make use of the ground tree stumps, or else you face the potential risk of having unwanted critters on your property. If a stump is ground on your property and you are wondering what to do with a pile of wood chips, here are some alternatives to consider. Southern Star Stump is a team of professionals with extensive industry experience and expertise, guaranteeing efficient solutions to deal with recycled wood chips.


Landscaping is an essential maintenance activity that enhances the aesthetics and value of a property. Whether you are creating garden paths between flower beds, walkways, or other landscaping features, ground wood chips enhance the decorative and beautiful aspect of the property. Start by assessing the number of ground wood chips you have to determine the distance it can cover. Once you have created a path, place the wood chips about four to six inches thick. This recommended amount gives you space to tamp the chips down without revealing the earth. It is essential to clear the walkways first using a lawnmower on the lowest setting.


As we acclimate to summer weather, we must consider the trees' well-being. Mulch is a crucial practice in tree care that helps with moisture retention, keeps the roots warm, and prevents certain weeds from choking your trees and other plants in the garden. Applying the right amount of wood chips means you don't have to water your lawn frequently, saving money on water bills without compromising the beauty of trees, shrubs, and plants. Use your wood-chip mulch on trees with an established robust root system for optimal results. If you prefer a hands-off approach to tree maintenance, leave it to the expert arborists from Southern Star Stump.


Wood chips are an excellent fuel source if you have a wood-burning stove or fireplace, as long as the tree stump wasn't treated with chemicals. If they were, don't use them for any purpose, or you risk fire damage. While untreated wood chips make excellent kindling, don't put too much in the stove or fireplace. Once they ignite, logs should be placed on top to prevent the flames from spreading to other areas of your home.


Poor garden drainage is usually the cause of soil erosion. Wood chips might not be a permanent solution to a problem, but they effectively mitigate erosion and its adverse effects. While wood chips won't prevent landslides, they can stabilize loose soil during heavy rains. Scheduling routine maintenance checks with a reliable tree service can help correct the problem before it leads to significant damage. We comprehensively assess your property to determine the areas susceptible to erosion and apply sufficient mulch to correct the problem.

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