Why Is It Important To Grind A Stump Down Below The Surface?
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Why Is It Important To Grind A Stump Down Below The Surface?

Why Is It Important To Grind A Stump Down Below The Surface?

After all the rigorous work of moving a tree one piece at a time is done, what’s left is a sturdy stump. This raises many questions on what to do next since going there can result in several disadvantages like physical harm and aesthetic depreciation. Most people are usually torn between stump grinding and stump removal, and that’s why you require the services of a professional to determine the best course of action. Southern Star Stump has an experienced and well-equipped team that can get the job done in no time.

Stump Grinding or Stump Removal

Both methods have their pros and cons, and that’s why we consider your plans for the landscape so that the most suitable method is used. Stump removal is more intrusive, as it involves heavying up the stump and then digging out all the roots. This takes not only time but also a lot of energy and powerful tools. However, after stump removal, you are left with a bare landscape where you can implement new ideas. The major downside to stump grinding is the giant hole left behind, which can lower the appearance of your yard unless it’s filled in.

On the other hand, stump grinding is mainly preferred because it is less intrusive and has minimum damage to the aesthetics of the landscape. Using a machine to shred the stump into woodchips makes the entire process more efficient than stump removal. The woodchips also serve as mulch which is good for the environment. Most people prefer stump grinding because it is less strenuous and saves time.

The Need to Grind Below the Surface

If you opt to have the stump in your backyard grind, our experts recommend doing it below the surface at a reasonable depth. There are many reasons for grinding a stump below the surface, the most obvious being aesthetics. Grinding ensures that the stump is not visible, which enhances the appearance of the property.

Another reason why grinding beneath the surface is recommended is because the landscape is barely destroyed, as opposed to stumping removal, where roots are dugout. Since roots can sometimes grow beyond 12 feet, you can imagine what your backyard would look like if all the roots were removed. By simply grinding your stump a few inches below the surface, the network of roots eventually decays over time.

The Need to Get Rid of Stumps

Once a tree has been cut, it is advisable to ensure that the stump is dealt with since waiting for it to decay eventually will attract carpenter ants or termites. Aside from being a hub for destructive insects, it also poses a safety risk to anyone spending time in the backyard. Whether you prefer stump grinding or stump removal, we can help you mitigate stump-related problems such as pests.

If you are looking for quality stump grinding and stump removal, Southern Star Stump has got you covered. We have a team that is experienced and well-equipped to ensure you get quality services. Contact us today and learn more about stump removal and stump grinding for a safer and beautiful yard.