Why Is Stump Grinding Necessary?
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Why Is Stump Grinding Necessary?

Tree removal is crucial when it has the potential to cause structural issues like interior decay. You can also remove it if you want to construct or use the land for agricultural purposes. The tree removal process is simple, but handling a tree stump left behind can be challenging. Although the stump might initially look harmless, removing it is recommended. Southern Star Stump offers stump grinding and removal services. We have years of experience guaranteeing that tree stumps are eliminated permanently and that your land poses zero hazards to the occupants. Here are some reasons you require stump removal services:

Reduces the Value of Your Property 

Tree stumps lower your property’s value and make any land remodeling project quite problematic. No homebuyer will buy land with decaying and unattractive tree stumps. Removing the stumps will significantly eliminate the eyesores and ensure your property is admirable to buyers.

A Safety Hazard

The tree stumps left behind are a safety concern for children living there. Children can trip over the stump leading to injuries. These stumps can be significant liabilities on your property, and in case of any serious accidents or injuries, you can face costly lawsuits. Ensure you hire a professional grinding service to make your land safe.

Pests Infestation

A stump on your land will start to decay and offer a breeding ground for pests like ants and termites. The pests can spread to nearby vegetation and destroy it. They can also infiltrate your house and cause pest-related illnesses. In other circumstances, the pests can also lead to expensive structural damage to the wooden parts of your home.

Property Damage 

When the tree stump is left intact on your land, the roots will continue to grow and spread. The root can spread extensively and even reach your home, damaging and causing cracks on driveways, sidewalks, and patios. Roots can even spread to the underground pipes and cause cracking of these pipes. The stump needs to be removed before causing any potential property damage.

Tree Growth

The tree stumps may lead to the growth of a new tree near the area. Fresh trees that erupt in that area will leech nutrients and moisture from the plants, interfering with the likelihood of your garden or plants thriving. In other circumstances, the tree that grows back near the stump is multi-trunked, which can be costly and hard to remove.

Occupies Valuable Space

Leaving a large stump on your land will occupy valuable space that can be used for construction or agricultural purposes. The area is considered a dead space, and stump removal services are required to free up the land.

Don’t let tree stumps interfere with your home’s curb appeal, cause property damage, or be a safety hazard; contact Southern Star Stump and schedule an appointment with our team of experts. We guarantee premium quality stump grinding and stump removal services at a very affordable rate. Our professional and friendly experts will leave your land looking exceptional and free from stubborn tree stumps.