Why is Tree Removal So Expensive?
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Why is Tree Removal So Expensive?

If you have looked at the price quotes for tree removal from the local tree companies, you might find them more expensive than you expected. There are different factors affecting this price, and we will take through some factors that we, Southern Star Stump, consider when setting the price, and you will get an idea of why tree removal services seem expensive.


It is never a good idea to cut the trees on your own. Cutting down a tree requires requisite training and proper knowledge. They are professionals known as arborists who are specialists in tree and stump removal. Before an arborist picks the chainsaw to cut a tree, the arborist assesses the condition of the tree, its size, and its height, and also checks whether there are any structures closes to the tree.

After taking the assessment, the arborist plans how to cut down the tree in a way to avoid damaging any structures around the tree or dropping it into traffic. These professionals will further need to use specialized equipment to facilitate the cutting off the tree and stump grinding. They also need to ensure that they set up traffic control to allow the smooth cutting of the tree. Often, to do this, the tree company will need to secure permits, further affecting the tree removal cost.

The Risk Involved

Cutting down a tree and stump grinding is risky jobs. Often arborists have to work on trees with compromised structures which may shatter as the arborist is doing the job. Also, these trees may have electrical conductors running through their branches, which poses more risk to the technicians.


Because of the risk involved, tree companies must get high premium insurance for their workers. Some types of insurance that the company has to cater to include.

Liability Insurance

These are insurance policies that companies get to cover property damage that may occur in case of accidents during the tree removal process. The policy protects the clients from incurring costs from property damage.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

It is a type of insurance policy that helps cover injuries sustained by the crew. It is mandatory for companies to provide their employees with this policy.  

You may get lower price quotes from companies that subcontract independent contractors, avoiding insurance costs. However, avoiding these companies would help because if any damage occurs during the job, you will be liable for the damage.

Need for Trained and Certified Workers

The company often has to undergo high costs to train its employees to provide safe tree and stump removal to its customers. Also, to attract and remain certified tree professionals, the company needs to offer good remuneration to its workers, which affects the cost of tree removal.

Always look for companies with accredited companies. Avoid a company with an untrained crew because the crew is likely to cause more damage than good. You can seek the help of Southern Star Stump. We will give you a fair price and ensure we offer you the safety required during stump removal and grinding. We will make sure that every dime you invest in us pays off.