Winter Tree Care Tips
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Winter Tree Care Tips

As temperatures continue to drop, it is a sign you need to prepare your home for the winter. Many homeowners take great pride in the health of their trees, hence the need to provide routine care and maintenance. Southern Star Stump can help you maintain beautiful, sturdy trees throughout winter. If you don’t provide the care your trees need, they can start showing signs of stress because of the drying winds and cold temperatures.

Regardless, winter is a great time to prune trees for spring growth. The cold air reduces the severity of damage and susceptibility to fungal diseases that take hold in wet conditions. By following these tips, you can take a more proactive approach to protecting your trees this winter.

Get a Professional Inspection

Winter is not just tough for you and your loved ones; it is tough on your landscape too. Cold weather weakens the trees’ immune systems, making them prone to ice, snow, and wind damage on their limbs and bark. Without the experience and knowledge required, many homeowners fail to detect small signs of deterioration before the damage becomes irreversible. A professional can assess, diagnose, and address these signs before severe damage leads to invasive stump removal.

Prune in the Winter

Trees are usually dormant during winter, allowing you to tackle maintenance projects like pruning without damaging the tree. Since deciduous trees shed their leaves during dormancy, it provides more visibility when cutting dying or dead branches. We leverage state-of-the-art equipment to enhance the quality and safety of service, ensuring your premises are safe from potentially falling branches. It is advisable to avoid DIY pruning projects if you lack the expertise required to prevent severe tree damage and subsequent stump removal.

Mulch Before It Freezes

One of the best winterizing techniques is mulching. If a stump grinding project was recently done, you can use the wood chips as mulch or consult a professional tree service for advice. We can help you apply the right mulch for your trees, keeping the soil around the roots warm and ensuring water and nutrients are available. Apply at least 3 inches thick of mulch to avoid suffocating your sources or adding stress that affects the overall well-being of your trees.

Water During Warmer Temperatures

Many people need to correct a common mistake: failing to water their trees regularly during warmer temperatures. When winter hits, the ground freezes, preventing water absorption by roots. That’s why we recommend watering in warmer weather so that the soil can soak the water, making it available for the roots when the ground thaws. Make sure you water deeply at least once a week during winter and twice a week to saturate the soil around the roots of newly planted trees.

Heavy snow and ice weigh down your trees, causing weak branches or entire trees to fall. This usually causes significant property damage and poses a safety risk to you and your loved ones. If you have a severely damaged or dead tree in your backyard, we can help with the removal process. Contact us at Southern Star Stump to enjoy quality stump grinding at competitive market rates.